2017  John Killacky with Sally Linder, Live Interview on In the Morning, WVMT 620AM radio, January 13, 2017
2002  Ark of Hope and Earth Charter, WTVO Television, WREX Television, 6PM News, Rockford, Illinois, November 2002
 2002  Ark of Hope and Earth Charter, Interview by Natalie Walston, WMUB FM, Middletown, Ohio, October 2002
 2002  The Ark of Hope, Live Interview on SABC Television, Action News, Johannesburg, South Africa, August 2002
2001  Slayton, Tom, “VPR Commentary”, Vermont Public Radio, September 2001
 2001  The Ark of Hope, Live Interview - Frederick Geabold, Pacifica Radio WBAI FM, New York, November 2001 
 2001  The Ark of Hope, Live Interview by Lisa Phillips, NEPublic Radio, November 2001 
1999  Re-Membering the Primates, Documentary, RETN, Burlington, Vermont, February 1999
1998  Pameran Lukisan Sally Linder, Seputar Indonesia, October 1998
 1998  Ask the Vet: Re-Membering the Primates, interview by Dr. Sheldon Gerstenfeld, EyeWitness News, CBS Television, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, May 1998
 1998  Painting Exhibit at the Morris Arboretum, Channel 6 News, ABC Television, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, May 1998
1996  Healing Art: From the Inside Out, showing of Manifest Destiny: Paintings by Sally Linder, a documentary by Keystone Productions, Trinity College, Burlington, Vermont, USA
1995  The World, Women On-Line!, United Nations, Fourth World Conference on Women, Beijing, China
1994  Maximum Security, Vermont International Film Festival, Burlington, Vermont, USA Media Coverage

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