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Sally Linder  


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Sally Linder- Ark designer and painter, Kevin Jenness- Ark cabinetmaker, Beth Haggart –Ark inner box fabric artist, Cameron Davis and Sally Linder – Temenos Book Project co-creators


Ark of Hope in Soweto South Africa

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Ark of Hope Artist Statement

I was inspired to design and paint the Ark of Hope in honor and celebration of the international peoples' treaty, the Earth Charter. Crafted from a single plank of wood, the five painted panels that form the sides and top of the Ark each represent the world's flora and fauna as seen through the images of the world's traditional artists. Each painted panel visualizes a season, a direction, an element and a universal symbol. Symbols of the world's religions and indigenous societies surround the top panel Spirit that honors children and animals of the world. Inside the Ark's lid on a piece of handmade papyrus is a scribed copy of the Earth Charter. The eight-foot long carrying poles are carved unicorn horns which render evil ineffective.

At the event for love of Earth held at Shelburne Farms, Vermont on September 9, 2001, the Earth Charter was celebrated to song and dance and the Ark of Hope was unveiled. Guest speakers included primatologist Jane Goodall, global peace walker Satish Kumar and Earth Charter Commissioner Steven C. Rockefeller. Paul Winter graced the site with his music and Floating World Dancers performed. Two days later, on September 11, 2001, in a spontaneous response to the American tragedies in New York, Pennsylvania and Washington DC, the 500 pound Ark of Hope set out from Vermont on a walk to New York City. Hundreds of people participated in the journey that lasted two months, covered 350 miles through four states and included sailing on Pete Seeger's sloop Clearwater. The Ark of Hope was exhibited at the United Nations in January and February 2002.

Over 600 handmade Temenos Books: Images and Words for Global Healing, Peace and Gratitude have been created and are held in the Ark. These 8x8x2 inch books were crafted by children and adults from around the world. Over 12,000 people have participated in the making of Temenos Books, each individual having been introduced to the Earth Charter and inspired to create an affirmation for Earth. The books are made from a diverse array of materials including wood, paper, wire, bark, stones and clay. The Ark of Hope carrying the Earth Charter and Temenos Books has since traveled to South Africa, India, Europe, and widely within the United States. People continue to add their handmade Temenos Books as they are introduced to the Earth Charter.

Sally Linder, 2005